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Conference Calls – Cross-Asset

Brexit: Into the Unknown (December 10, 2018)     Recording      

US-China Trade Impacts (November 27, 2018)     Recording      Call Summary

US Midterm Elections in an Era of Political Disruption (October 19, 2018)     Recording      Slides

ETFs, Still the New Kid? (September 18, 2018)     Recording      Slides

Canada Housing Trust No. 1 Bonds (September 6, 2018)     Recording      Slides

The Looming Handoff for Global Fixed Income (July 16, 2018)     Recording      Slides

OPEC+ Balance Oil Market (June 19, 2018)     Recording      Slides

Into the Final Stretch of the Ontario Election Race (May 29, 2018)     Recording      Slides

What's in Store for Canada's Housing Market? (Apr 16, 2018)     Recording      Slides

Mexico: Learning to Live with Risks (Mar 20, 2018)     Recording      Slides      Summary

China’s Changing Trade Patterns (Feb 21, 2018)     Recording      Slides

Navigating FX Markets in 2018 (Jan 24, 2018)    Recording 

NAFTA risks: Canadian and Mexican perspectives (Nov 29, 2017)    Recording

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