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Our Credentials

CIBC ranked among the most accurate FX forecasters spanning major, emerging Asian and Latin American currencies in the fourth quarter of 2013 (Bloomberg, 2014).

CIBC was one of two Canadian banks among the Top 10 forecasters of major currencies, and ranked first for its forecasts of EUR/CHF. CIBC also ranked among the Top 10 forecasters of emerging Asian currencies, and was a leading forecaster of USD/INR and USD/KRW. Among Latin American currencies, CIBC was the most accurate forecaster of USD/MXN for the second quarter in a row. These high standards of currency forecasting demonstrate our commitment to G10 and growth markets currencies.

In the Canadian Fixed Income space, Macro Strategy continues a nine-year tradition (1998-2006) of CIBC's #1 ranked Canadian Fixed Income and Canadian Corporate Debt Research Teams (as per Greenwich Associates and Brendan Wood International).

Macro Strategy Team

Our strategists regularly appear in the media and during public events, and hold client conference calls.

Patrick Bennett, FX Asia
Jeremy Stretch, FX G10
Joan Pinto, FX, Energy Commodities
Mario Robles, LATAM
Luis Hurtado, LATAM
Maria Berlettano, Government Credit
Tom Bognar, Government Credit

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Conference Calls – Cross-Asset

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Canadian Federal Elections 2015 (Oct 1, 2015)     LINK      PDF

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Mid-Summer Economic Update (Aug 4, 2015)     LINK     PDF

China: an update and outlook following recent events (Jul 9, 2015)     LINK     

Greece: A Referendum Postscript (Jul 6, 2015)     LINK     

Greece: Where to now? (Jun 30, 2015)    LINK     

Economic Outlook (Jun 23, 2015)     LINK     PDF

A near-term take on the CAD (May 6, 2015)     LINK     PDF

2015 Rates Outlook (January 28, 2015)     LINK     PDF

2015 FX Outlook (December 18, 2014)     LINK     PDF

Oil's Week of Reckoning (November 26, 2014)     LINK     PDF

Cross-Asset Volatility (October 28, 2014)     LINK     PDF

Currency, Volatility & Rates Forecast Update (September 15, 2014)     LINK     PDF

Canadian Dollar, Crude and Iraq (July 24, 2014)     LINK     PDF

World Cup LIVE – LATAM Update (June 19, 2014)     LINK     PDF

Merger and acquisition update (May 14, 2014)     LINK     PDF

Alternatives to the Traditional Loan Market (March 27, 2014)     LINK     PDF

The China Story (February 27, 2014)     LINK      PDF

Fed Tapering and Canada (January 14, 2014)     LINK      PDF 

Conference Calls – LATAM

Caribbean Update: The Caribbean Recovery Matures (June 1, 2016)    LINK

IMF Meetings, Argentina and Brazil Visits (October 23, 2015)    LINK   PDF

Mexico: Trip Notes (October 2, 2015)    LINK   PDF

CIBC Brazil: Facing the Pain Trade (September 11, 2015)    LINK   PDF

Brazil: The Wages of Adjustment (August 4, 2015)    LINK

CIBC Barbados Economic Update (July 27, 2015)    LINK

CIBC Brazil & Argentina: Politics Driving Economics (February 10, 2015)    LINK

CIBC Barbados Economic Update (January 28, 2015)    LINK   PDF

CIBC Barbados Economic Update (October 29, 2014)    LINK   PDF

Brazil Second Round Elections – What's Next? (October 16, 2014)    LINK   PDF

Caribbean Economies: Has Recovery Arrived? (October 10, 2014)     PANEL DEBATE   Q&A

Brazil: At a New Crossroads (September 11, 2014)     LINK   PDF

CIBC Barbados Economic Update (July 21, 2014)     LINK 

CIBC Barbados Economic Update (May 20, 2014)     LINK     PDF